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Divorce Coaching Services

Providing Everything You Need To Prepare For  and Heal From Your Divorce

Private Coaching
Divorce Coaching Services | Image of Nanette

Private Coaching

Private Divorce Coaching can help you prepare for your divorce as well as get you through the process and eventually heal. Each person's situation is different, but when you work with me, I'll coach you through all the stages from what to expect, how to prepare, and how to start your healing journey. 

Sessions will be based on your needs and where you are in your divorce. I will support you and guide you through this difficult transition in your life. We will focus on your well-being, self-care, and healing.

Digital Guide

Divorce program

After going through my own divorce I realized that there was a huge lack of digital guides to help women facing divorce. I kept thinking about how a guide would have been beneficial for me during my divorce, so I was propelled to create this guide for others. 

The guide includes downloads, audio and visuals, action plans, and self-care tips for you to focus on during your transition. 

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Books & Resources
Shattered Dreams & New Beginnings Book Cover

Books & Resources

From my own experience, I understand your feelings, concerns, questions, and emotions. 

You're embarrassed, unsure of how to even divorce, let alone what the next steps are in your personal life. Discover some of the books and resources that I've written specifically for women in these situations. I wish I could have had these resources when I was going through this process, so now I want to ensure that everyone has access to them!

How can Divorce Coaching Services Help me?

Divorce Coaching Services will help you in many ways. The most common is that you'll have someone to talk to who has been through the divorce process. You'll be able to work with someone who understands the emotions you feel and the things that worry you the most. 


When you work with me, I will guide you through each step of the process. You'll have thoughts like, 'I'm a failure.' 'Will I ever heal from this?' 'Will I find love again?' 'I have no idea what the next phase of my life will look like.' 'I'm heartbroken and embarrassed.' 

Going through a divorce doesn't make you a failure or any less of a person. You are making a tough decision and you might find yourself lacking support of your decision. I will always support you. I will guide you through your healing journey. You will find happiness again. You will love yourself again. 


"Great book for both men and women in helping to get through despair and the past. Find courage for bright new beginnings. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Well worth the read"
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