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a note from nanette


certified life & health coach

In 2020 I started another chapter in my life and I am filled with hope and excitement to help other women 

on their journey to finding peace in your heart, happiness in your life and love of yourself.

Divorce is a challenging journey. A challenge you don't have to take on alone.

Always remember that you are worth it and you are enough.


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I come to you with a background of raising 3 children, running a household and wearing many hats. I was previously married for over 20 years. I've had my emotional struggles and dealt with depression and anxiety. I came out of it all—strong, confident, and now have found my next purpose in life.


I am a certified Life Coach and published author.​ I focus on divorce and health coaching with women over 40 to defining their purpose. Women who may need a boost or someone who will keep them accountable as they embark on a fresh start. I can help you define your goals and outline your ideas to help you start reaching these set goals and together we can put together a plan to execute the steps to get there. Ultimately it is your desire and initiative to make changes in your life. It is my purpose to ask thought provoking questions to help you make changes to reach your vision.

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