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Divorce After Forty

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

How will I ever start over

Do you find yourself preparing for divorce after many years of marriage? I was there and it was painful. 10 years later after mistakes were made, love lost, sadness, depression and anger; Peace, Happiness and Love were found.

I founded this community and I'm filling it with insight, encouragement and support for other women going through the same devastation that I did. How I wish I would have had a community like this to join. My purpose is to help, support and educate other women on how to get through the pain of divorce after twenty plus years of marriage.

I have written and published my story, Shattered Dreams & New Beginnings, a journey of heartbreak, healing and growth. I aim to give encouragement, support, and hope. Read it and you will then know how I can help you through your journey and come out the other side happy, maybe even happier.

It takes time and determination to find happiness again and it will happen. Healing takes an active and conscious effort. It won't just happen. My purpose is to help other women on their journey of healing so they to can find.


Join us at or find us on my website

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