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Divorce Coaching with Nanette

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

When you work with me, whether you are divorced or about to divorce and are fearful of what is ahead of you, I will guide you.

Regardless of where you are at in the journey, we will begin with creating a self-care routine just for you. From experience, I know you need your strength in three forms; Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical—your SEP strength.

Spiritual -remembering to: meditate being mindful and present and helping you create a mantra

Emotional (or mental strength) meditation breathing techniques

Physical - Your overal exercise together,we can create a routine if you don't already have one

I will be guiding you, but the effort comes from you and must be genuine for it to work. If you have the determination and are motivated, we will build your strength together.

As we work on your SEP, we simultaneously work on the part of the divorce journey that you are walking on. So, for example, if you are divorced and need help figuring out "what is next" together, we can discover that, or if you are contemplating or about to file, there are steps for you to follow, tasks to do, and people you will need to hire. Together we can work on that as well. I've walked this path and can help you.

Each person's journey is unique, but taking care of yourself to make clear, conscious, and sensible decisions is necessary.

There is need to go on this journey alone. There is a lot to think about and I will help you through it.

Wishing you


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