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Divorced and on your own?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Devasted, that's what I was.

We reached our 1st Anniversary, then celebrated our fifth. We got past the dreaded 7-year itch, made to 10, 15, then our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated in Paris. I was on cloud 9 for weeks after. By our 21st Anniversary, our marriage was in ruins. Infidelity had crept in. Devasted is how I describe how I felt. I was approaching 50, and my life was suddenly upside down. But it wasn't over.

11 years later ...I am a certified health & life coach and a divorce coach through experience and recently a newly published author of Shattered Dreams & New Beginnings, my journey of heartbreak, healing, growth and new beginnings. I share my story of how I survived, healed, and became who I am today. Happy, thriving, and courageous! It was important to me to share my story to inspire , encourage and empower other women.

My life is my own and I created it. I started my business Live Life Now LLC

I had my first book published

I recently founded the online community

Divorce After Forty

Life changes all the time and sometimes its hard and painful to pick up the pieces. But with support, encouragement , empowerment from others and most important ...your determination. You will get through it. I know because I did it.

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