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Let's Get L.E.A.N.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Let's get L.E.A.N. with your Self-care in 2021- Eating healthy & staying active is Key to Getting Healthy & Stay Healthy with changes in your :





Your Lifestyle- reflects your health. What we do each day regarding our health sets us on the path for good health and ultimately how happy you can be.

Exercise daily- do something(s) that you will want to do everyday. You don't have too run a marathon, or cycle 20 miles a day. What you need to do is find an activity you enjoy. This means you may have to try new things and don't afraid to TRY.

Have a Positive Attitude- This isn't always easy. Somedays its easy to do other days it feels impossible. There are ways to dig deep on those difficult days to find gratitude, appreciation and eventually a happy attitude. For me meditation, exercise, and good nights sleep and just generally being thankful for all I have. It's very possible.

Be sure to eat nutritious meals - sounds easy , right. Nope not always. The key is to keep healthy food in your kitchen. This is a process, like anything. Take baby steps. But move forward and set an intention each week. Elimate something (ex. sugary drinks) and add something (ex. a vegetable you generally don't eat). Like anything's a mind set. If you want something to happen you have to make it happen.

I have been on my own health journey for the part 12 years and I want to help you get started and stay committed to a plan. Together we can make this happen. I am committed to helping you get L.E.A.N.

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