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So you think you hire a Divorce Attorney First?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Most, if not all, women think this is true.

I am here to tell you they aren't

WHO is the first? you ask

Ladies, if you are divorcing after decades of marriage, we need to talk. You MUST be prepared, and I will help you with this!

You have been married most of your life to the same person, and you think they will work with you to get through this process.

No, they won't.


The professionals you need to hire...yes, professionals, plural.

It's not just your attorney.


The list of essential items you must consider.

There will be expenses current and future that you need to consider.

There are investments to list. But, do you know where they all are?

Do you have kids still at home or in school?

Do you know what those current and future expenses are and will be?

Everyone's situation will be different but Being Prepared is Necessary for ALL of you who are divorcing.

I have spoken to several women who did not prepare. As a result, they jumped into separation, filed for divorce, or listened to the wrong people and now have regrets.

They are left feeling overwhelmed not by divorce but by how it all turned out for them.

I went through a divorce about seven years ago.

I didn't have guidance, but I feel I took the proper steps and got through it without regrets.

Did I spend too much on my attorney? Yes, I did.

Looking back and knowing what I know now, I wish I had known about Divorce Coaches.

I would have hired one BEFORE I hired anyone.

There is no need to go on this journey alone.

I will help you prepare and

Once you are divorced

you will be ready to start the next chapter of your life

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