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The holidays are upon us, let the celebrating begin!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

So, what do you think about this statement? When my kids were small I loved the Christmas Season. I decorated, and shopped, baked ( a little ), cooked, and made candy forest (candy houses we too hard to build). The fire placed roared and the candy canes were on the tree. It was a fun time of year!

Then came 2010 and it all came crumbling down. I tried to be happy but the sinking feeling in my stomach wouldn't go away. I wanted to cry regularly and what I thought was a happy face was nothing more than a sign of grief and sadness. For a few years I dreaded the holidays. I went through the motions and anxiously awaited January 2nd.

My marriage was falling apart and it took a few years to finally explode. I've been divorced now for about 6 years. I'm in a good place if I can't even remember. There is a lot I could say now about marriage and divorce but that's for another blog.

This one is about the holidays, changes and new tradition.

As the years go by and I have learned to let each Christmas Season unfold on it's own with no expectations just going with the flow. The kids are adults now and each year is different. The one thing that never changes is my gratitude for the time I get to spend with family, with the fact that my children may be far from me at times but we are very close in heart. This year I get to take satisfaction that my middle son and youngest daughter like each each enough to live together in another state. Knowing they are together make my heart smile, I like when my heart smiles, it feels good. This year I moved back into a house and it immediately, and I mean immediately, brought me peace and a sense of belonging. Then it gets better because my oldest daughter moved in with me. This has been such a blessing. She and I live well together. We have a good flow.

I will host Christmas Eve with my family and it feels right. What will we do next year, who knows, doesn't matter.

We must live each day to its fullest and appreciate what we already have and most important those who are in our life and bring us joy.

This year is you find yourself having to break tradition because life has taken a turn, do you very best to embrace the changes and find happiness within yourself. Be sure to take care of yourself and do things that make you happy. Its ok to be selfish at times. You don't have to try and please everyone because we all know that is impossible. Remember to always be kind , that includes being kind to yourself.

Wishing you


This Holiday Season


Nanette Murphy

Live Life Now

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