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Read testimonials from happy clients after working with Live Life Now with Purpose and Divorce Coach Nanette.

Testimonial Graphic from Shannon
Testimonial for Divorce Coach Nanette
Lotus in Bloom

"I have been working with Nanette for years - because she is the BEST! She provides such personalized help and I can tell she truly cares about her clients. So much of my success and happiness can be attributed to the work she has put in to helping me to find my path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nanette.

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"Thanks for sharing this critical advice, Nanette. I have benefited from your advice, wisdom, and care through my own divorce. I hope many others contact you for guidance, hope and healing."

Mary M.

"I wanted to share a testimony to how much Nan has helped me these last 3 months. Life can take us on some pretty scary adventures where tragedy puts us right in the path of fate. I used to despise the saying "everything happens for a reason" because I wasn't ready to accept that in sorrow and sadness would also come great growth and freedom. 

Three months ago my best friend of 37 years' mom died unexpectedly and I flew home to be by her side and honor the amazing person her mom was. That visit I ended up spending a good majority of it connecting with the infamous "Aunt Nan" and talking about our lives and her new found passion for writing and helping others. 

Little did I know that once my flight touched down back home my world would be flipped upside down. It was less than 48 hours and I was blindsided by a divorce that came at me like a freight train. I crumbled and would have done if I didn't have her Aunt and that we talked regularly. Her mom's passing was devastating but it brought someone good and special into my life right when I needed them. 

A divorce is not for the faint of heart and having someone who can be real and raw during the process is like no other. It is a daily struggle of survival. 

Nan was the first person I told and has been my go to each and every time I thought I was going to lose it. Laides, we need one another and we have to keep ligtring each other up. Be that person for another woman and if you know someone who's going through a divorce, I'd strongly recommend reaching out to a divorce coach for advice and guidance and support."

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