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Preparing for divorce is overwhelming. Most women find this journey to be filled with heartbreak and sadness. You don't have to go through this alone. This guide gives you recommendations of the professionals you need to hire, in what order, and why they are beneficial. You will learn about essential tasks you need to do and why. All in order to prepare before you file for divorce. Following this guide can alleviate stress and anxiety. Your daily life continues as you navigate these unchartered waters. Using this guide and talking with a coach is one step to help you get through this journey smoothly. 


This guide includes:

- Who needs to be hired and why

- Income/ Expenses/ Budgeting

- Living arrangements to consider

- Considering kids needs


This book will help you prepare and get through your divorce with no regrets. 

A Clearer Path to Divorce

Excluding Sales Tax

    Great book for both men and women in helping to get through despair and the past. Find courage for bright new beginnings. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Well worth the read


    Lovely book about encouraging women to find strength, purpose and faith after their world was unexpectedly turned upside down. Navigating through the emotions, the ups and downs but finding purpose and forgiveness without bitterness. Written with class and grace with an ending that could inspire many women.


    This book is a gift to anyone who has been through or is going through a divorce. The author does an exceptional job of emphasizing the importance of family and commitment to marriage. For someone who has been through a divorce this book does a great job of reminding you that you are not alone in the struggle of healing after the relationship you wanted to last forever and everything you've wanted in your life comes unraveled. 

    neil s.

    Cover to cover in one afternoon. So much of this feels like a past life, that I could easily connect to the author. Joys and sorrows mingle as such is life, but to come through uplifted is the real reward.

    rosie m

    Written with heart and humor, this personal coach and author shines a light on the journey from darkness to finding peace, happiness, and love. An inspiring read that gives hope to anyone dealing with life’s challenges, and explores the joy of identifying and embracing your purpose.


    An easy, but emotional read, taking you through the lows of a marriage breakdown & betrayal to surviving & coming out the other side. The author’s strength & growth as a person & realising her capabilities is truly inspiring. Would highly recommend!

    jacky z.

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