nanette murphy

divorce and health coach

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Hello, I’m nanette

Author & Founder of live life now

with purpose

I started a new chapter in my life in 2020. I am now a certified Health & Life Coach and through personal experience, I am a Divorce coach. I am a published author and the founder of the Divorce After Forty online community which brings together women going through a divorce after 20-30 years of marriage. I built this community to help, encourage, and support these women.  I have been through this and my purpose now is to help others get through the heartache, fears, and anxiety of it. Learning to take care of yourself, build confidence, and hopefully have to courage to step outside of your comfort zone and find your own new path.

shattered dreams new beginnings.png

Introducing Shattered Dreams & New Beginnings

a journey of heartbreak, growth, and new beginnings

Have you experienced shattered dreams? Has it been so dark that you fear the sun will never shine again? I've been there. This book was written to inspire, encourage and empower other women to walk fearlessly into the future.

Pink Blossom

shannon grace

She is extremely compassionate, a terrific reflective listener and a caring accountability partner.  Most importantly she will always be there when you need her most, and just when you think you don't need help she will be your  biggest supporter and cheerleader to accomplish your  goals.

jamuna k.

Nanette brings real life experience to her coaching practice. As a mother of three and an entrepreneur, that has been involved with two start-ups, she understands the struggle of a modern woman. She can assist in prioritizing your daily struggles and managing your multiple relationships.

Marnie G.

Nanette is an approachable guiding influence.  She is caring and motivating to anyone who needs assistance managing life, health, career and family.  She can help you achieve the balance we need to “live life now”.